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THE UPS STORE IN SILVER CITY, NM The   UPS   Store   -   True   professionals   specially   if   you   need   that   hard   to   ship item.   I   am   the   owner   and   editor   of   SilverCityAds.com   and   I   have   personally used   this   shipping   company   to   ship   an   item   to   China   that   was   a   very   delicate item    and    with    weird    circumstances!    I    was    totally    satisfied    with    their professionalism   and   abilities!   I   plan   to   use   their   services   again   and   again. Wow   yesterday   7/14/2014   I   stop   by   to   get   a   packaged   wrapped   and   boxed up.   I   usually   do   my   own   stuff   but   I   did   not   have   the   right   size   box   and   it   was a   delicate   item.   I   walked   in   and   whoa!,      within   just   a   few   minutes   it   was   all done! Keep up the good work! 1-575-534-8487