Silver   Sity   Antique   Mall   known   as   the   Silver   City   Trading   Company...   On   the corner   of   Texas   and   Broadway   in   Silver   City,   205   W.   Broadway   St.,   Phone number   -   575-388-8989   -   Lots   of   antiques   and   collectibles   and   more!   You can   spend   hours   of   fun   looking   around,   find   that   perfect   knick   knack   for   your home.     Say     hi     to     Paul     as     you     enter!     This     is     their     Website:
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Silver City
Serving Grant County New Mexico, Silver City and the surrounding communities which includes Arenas Valley, Bayard, Central, Cliff, Hanover, Hurley, Mimbres, Pinos Altos,   San Lorenzon, Santa Clara, Tyrone, White Signal.

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